Important Note (black islands bug): 

The webGL-based version is currently bugged on windows. If islands appear black for you, please try the downloadable version. A fix will come soon! 

Please keep in mind that this version of the game is very old by now. The iOS Version is out now, and as soon as the PC version gets to a close to final state, I will also update WebGL version and make the PC version available here! If you want to support the PC launch, you can already wishlist on Steam!

Thank you!

- Christopher Mielack  / Hallgrim Games

Welcome to Puzzle Pelago!

... a storm was raging some time ago!

In the islander's time of despair,
it takes a crafty mind to repair.

They tried to rebuild -
but it was a drag!
Call it a drop in the ocean.

Now you come along,
you and your bag,
and in it - the Drag & Drop Potion!

How To Play

  1. Satisfy the needs of Homes by placing the respective Workshop right next to them.
  2. Create new Workshops by simply dragging them from other Resources or Workshops.
  3. Some Workshops can only be created by combining two Workshops!

How you need to place the Workshops, lay out the Roads, and combine Resources to produce new goods is all up to you!




Puzzle Pelago is currently in silent alpha stage - The very basics are there, but there is no sound or music, and very basic UI.

I am a dedicated solo part-time dev - you can follow my regular updates on Twitter: @hallgrimgames

I intend to develop and publish Puzzle Pelago as a iOS/Mac/Windows game. There will always be a webGL (Demo) version available, as well.

Here is a rough road map for Puzzle Pelago:

Future Plans, Next Steps (Priorities)

  • Add some more content (i.e. Levels, Technologies like Flowers, Honey,...)
  • Finalise UI
  • Add music
  • Add sound
  • Add an Island Editor + Sharing

"Stretch Goals" (Optionals)

Not sure if I will get to these - I will make those a priority only if demand is high enough.

  • Additional Game Mechanics
  • Intro Cut Scene
  • Have all the In-Game Text as poetry/in verse form
  • Mobile Releases


Download 21 MB
Version 0.1.4 Aug 10, 2018
Download 18 MB
Version 0.1.4 Aug 10, 2018

Development log


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Richly Set Tables (level 3.3) is solvable on Windows version 0.1.3b.561?  Providing the houses with bread leaves the Iron Ore Mine isolated which is needed for the chair and barrel. I can't see a way around this.

Great game, btw. :)

Hey Redshift! Thanks a lot for playing :)  Yes, Level 3.3 is definitely solvable :D Let me know if you would like a hint ;)

It happens to often that trying to pull out the next worker in a chain produces the demolition bomb instead.

Hi! Thanks a lot for playing :) yeah i think I will rework the way that works, soon. Hopefully in a few weeks I may have fixed this!

Hi again, btw., with the current version, this problem should be resolved :)

Hey Hallgrim! 'tis @DavidCodeAndArt from twitter, and I really enjoyed playing this game!

First of all, it looks great, the tutorial text is also really well written, adding to the feel of the world.
In the level select, the size differences between the level names looks a bit odd, maybe have the max or min size be a little bit less further apart.
Maybe make trees green when you hover on them, or have an effect when you click on them to feel more interactive. However, I'm sure that'll also come with more sound.
The puzzles are challenging, but feel more intuitive after you solve some of them, which makes it super-satisfying.

Overall, I can't wait to see where this game is heading! Good luck on the rest of your development (;

Thank you, Sir :D 

Thanks for the feedback, have not heard the font size pointed out yet, but i am not 100% pleased with it yet, either! Yep, the UI does need some love. 

Work continues, stay tuned :o)

I'd like to invite you to take part in this year's Game Development World Championship! I really like the overall presentation of the game, I'd imagine that with good sounds this would be very good in that regard. Gameplay starts off simple, but gets more complex later on. The mouse control works well for the most part, but sometimes you need to be a bit patient with it.

Hi! THanks for the feedback. That does sound exciting. If I can get far enough in development, I'm might take part :)

Alright, good luck with it then!

Hey! This was really cool! Super grateful that the game playable in the browser. I run Linux and it seems that itch developers hasn't figured that they lose a portion of players just by forgetting to building either for web or to create a working Linux executable.

Here's some feedback of my experience:

With the GUI, I can see that you are going for a unique style. I think it is a good thing to strive for, just be aware of how easy your GUI is to understand and use. Some buttons (mainly the scroll and arrow) doesn't necessarily communicate [click me] and their responsive surface area is a bit unclear.

In-game I would like the parchment scrolls to stay on the side of the play area, or just fill the whole screen. Feels a bit indecisive and unclear what it's purpose is when it takes up half the screen + it's a bit small area to fit all the stylish text anyways. You could go with a text area in the bottom of the screen and some character that communicates the messages to enhance the narrative and make it feel more personal to the player. (Creating a feeling that they are helping real people/creatures in the world.)

I want pinch zooming on touch and scroll wheel zooming on desktop in order to get an overview of bigger puzzles.

Here is some potential I see:

The game seems to right now be aimed to solely as a Puzzle game, and I think game has potential to appeal to more people if it also incorporates optimization problems . The game that springs to my mind is Opus Magnum. In Opus Magnum the main goal is still to solve puzzles or find a solution to a problem, but there are multiple ways each problem can be solved, and the player can therefore optimize their solutions to be more efficient and compare their solutions to other to friends and other players. For puzzle Pelago, interesting problems could be for example to minimize the longest travel paths or to minimize the area take up by buildings and paths.

This play could be enforced with a design phase and then a play phase. In the play phase the player's design unfolds step by step over time until the requirements of the level is met. Paths are built one block at a time and each resource travel the paths one step at a time.  (Again see Opus Magnum.) 

Restrictions (that makes optimization problems more interesting) could be limited amount of resources available from each source (forest or mine), and resource requirements (5 logs, 2 chairs) needed in each town (So they take different amount of time/steps to finish). 

Sorry for the rant.

I really like your game and I see that you have put a lot of effort into it.

Thanks for letting me play!

Hey Focusless! Thanks for the kind works, really glad you can play it and like it, too :) 

I have to agree, the UI does not feel finished yet. I like the way you formulated it as "indecisive", very true. Its also good to hear explicitly that the interface of the scroll is not clear to you. I was wondering about how people perceive it. I think improvements will come with one of the next builds :) 

As related to the optimization-game idea - whoa, that is a completely different game :D When I first came up with the idea for Puzzle Pelago i was playing around with the idea of making it an actual economical game, i.e. with wares transport, resource gathering etc., until I realized that I had never seen that style of play for a puzzle game and wanted to give it a try. But the idea to make it a multi-goal-optimization game is kind of neat, I have to admit. Maybe in a future other game :)

Thanks again for the feedback!

Awesome little puzzler! Been following your progress on Twitter for a little while. A few puzzles had me scratching my head for a few minutes, looking forward to future updates!

A little feedback if you're interested, I found myself clicking on the mines or buildings to drag, rather than the square under them, maybe the square you're hovering over could be highlighted or something?

In any case, a very smart little game. Well done

Hi there! Thanks a lot, really happy you like it :)

Yeah I can see what you mean. I'm not using the actual hitbox of the models, but rather the tile on the map where the cursor is pointing. Thanks for noting this! If i get around to it, i will change the way that works to something more intuitive.