Puzzle Pelago 0.1.2

Dear Pelago Puzzlers :D

With a small update, version 0.1.2 is here, with mostly UI and performance improvements. 

The game should run a lot smoother now, and finally, the game transitions between chapters, shows chapter and level names before each level, and more. Also, you now have to unlock levels one by one. Level state is saved in your browser's internal database.

Changes In Detail:

  • Unlocking Levels and chapters, one by one
  • New Hotkeys
    • Deactivate UI by pressing "Insert" Key
    • Take a Screenshot (without cursor) by pressing PageUp
  • Showing level names at the start, and when in menu
  • Chapter progression UI and animations
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes
  • Under the hood optimizations (Refactoring, mostly)


puzzle-pelago-webgl.zip Play in browser
Version Jun 29, 2018
puzzle-pelago-win.zip 18 MB
Version Jun 29, 2018

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