A downloadable game for Windows

This is a small game made during an 8h (!) Berlin Mini Game Jam, August 2018. 

Played with 2 or 4 controllers (Tested with Xbox controllers) - only the left stick is needed!

Jam Themes (we used all three!)

  • Frozen Ice Cubes
  • Summer Heat
  • Monochrome


  • You steer a little bug with a cocktail umbrella
  • Differently Colored Ice Cubes spawn above the two glasses, and melt due to the sun
  • The drops from the molten ice cubes fill up the glasses over time.
  • When you are facing up or down, you cast a shadow, preventing the ice cubes from melting
  • Your goal is to fill your glass with a cocktail as purely red as possible, avoiding yellow and blue drops
  • Once one of the glasses is full, the glass with the highest percentage red wins!


  • Daniel Freer @freerdan (Pixel Art)
  • Alessio Bona (Sound, Music, Coding, Title Screen Concept)
  • Christopher Mielack @hallgrimgames (Coding)
  • Giulia and Samuel assisted with art direction and game design concepts, which we  discussed frequently as a team

For instructions on setting up Xbox controller on macOS, go to https://www.imore.com/how-connect-wired-xbox-360-controller-your-mac

Sounds from Freesounds.org



Source Code



DontMixWithMe_win32.zip 32 MB

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