... How Long Can You Survive?

The Game

The game mechanics are based around a fluid simulation from here (unity forums), and uses some additional code by @davidvino and @hallgrimgames. Everything, from the fish to the water stream and the bubbles in the water, are affected by the fluid simulation. The fish additionally have their own drive to get to the Fish King.

This game was made at the Berlin Mini Jam (8h time limit) in January 2019.  


The Fish are angry, you must protect the Fish King! You can do so by placing the two water spewing guardian fish and such that they push away the angry fish.

Try to stay alive as long as possible!

The Team

  • Dona (2D Art in-game) 
  • Richard (3D Models + Textures, Cover Image)
  • Alessio (Coding input, UI, Score,...)
  • Christopher (@hallgrimgames, Coding fish behaviour, fluid sim setup + interactions,...)

Special thanks to Steven (https://increpare.com) who worked on his own game but  took the time helping me out making a shader for visualising the fluid current.


Left click a guardian fish to pick it up, left click again to drop it

Right click a guardian fish to start rotating it, right click again to set angle.

While you are changing the guardian fish, they will not spew water, so watch out!

Have fun!


DeepSeaUprise_macOS.zip 26 MB
DeepSeaUprising_win.7z 15 MB

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